Hotel Zum Jungen Roemer
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Hotel "Zum Jungen Römer" in Radstadt, Austria
at 80,00 €
Urlaub in Österreich

Cross Country Ski Holidays

Cross Country Ski Holidays

180 km of beautiful ski tracks - a paradise for cross country skiers.
Additionally you will find the Gnadenalm-loipe (1.300m) as well as the Rossbrand-loipe (1.600-1.760m). There you have got the possibility to ski until spring.
The “Tauernloipe” (50km) connects Radstadt, Altenmarkt, Flachau, Wagrain and Eben.
If you are an adventurer the rolling track to Untertauern will be the right choice for you.
For those who prefer comfortable routes the loipe to Mandling is suited.
Another possibility is the forest ski track to Zauchensee.
In the evening the illuminated “Kaswurmloipe” (3km) can be used.

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A fantastic location, picture-perfect scenery
and the fresh mountain air-
vital ingredients for a happy holiday! 


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Ennstal- Classic
Autofahren im letzten Paradies

from 24. - 27. July 2019